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National Bus Sales considers itself to be the premiere specialty bus dealer in the United States. Just what is a specialty bus? Specialty buses include prison buses, prison transport shuttles, large transport buses, etc.

Prison Buses for SaleNational Bus Sales has a dedicated Specialty Vehicle Bus expert, so you can feel confident we will make the recommendations to provide you the best possible specialty bus or specialty vehicle available.

National represents the highest specialty vehicles available in Turtle Top and OBS.

Both offer dedicated resources and teams and have the ability to create anything you can think of- challenge them!

Please contact Drew Hawkins for prison buses (770) 795-4250 or

Why National Bus Sales?

National Bus Sales represents a wide variety of manufacturers, chassis', optional equipment and seating arrangements. This means you can feel confident you are buying a bus to fit your specific requirements. No wasted space, no unnecessary options. National has the experience and knowledge of the market to help you find the right products at the right price for your transportation needs.

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